5 Statement Sleeves In Celebrity Style

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We live and die for our celebs and whatever they do, be in terms of fashion or beauty, steals our heart. We try to follow them as far as possible both in terms of beauty and fashion and this gives us a unique satisfaction that we are following the right trends. I know there are some trends which we can’t follow even if we wish to but then, there are others that we can follow if we wish to. And of those ‘can-follow’ trends is this trend of Statement Sleeves. This fashion is running like blue-blood in the fashion arena and we are living for the out-of-the-box sleeves that our lovely stars are wearing. Listing some statement sleeves that reflect celebrity style. Dig in!


Statement Sleeves In Celebrity Style:

  • Bell Sleeves

  • Bell sleeves are those which are quite flowy at the bottom with a toned top portion. Tight outfits like pencil skirt and jeans, & leggings look fabulous with these bell sleeves which help to balance out a heavy upper body and even make the broad shoulders look slimmer.
  • Bishop Sleeves

Bishop sleeves are long sleeves that are loose at the bottom in comparison to the top and are gathered at the cuff. Bohemian feels are really prominent from these sleeves are a perfect for a summer shift dress. These sleeves because of its really prominent features give a dramatic effect.

  • Boxy Sleeves

Short, loose sleeves resembling a box is called boxy sleeves. This type of sleeve looks best with shorts and mini skirts which help to make the arm look thinner and toned. Boxy sleeves are really comfortable in summers as they are short yet loose – a perfect match for a casual summer day.

  • Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves are really short sleeves that cover only the shoulder portion of the person without extending to the arms. This sleeve style is useful for making the broad shoulders look slimmer and also to add a sleeveless effect to the dress. Though cap sleeves are available on every sort of an outfit, it looks best on maxi dresses.

  • Kimono Sleeves

The style of Kimono sleeves is taken from the Japenese garment Kimono which helps to balance out heavy upper body and arms. If paired with tight fitted jeans, it makes your look really classy yet sassy. Kimono sleeves are actually cape-shaped which helps to give an upper heavy body look to the person.

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