9 Fashion Essentials To Take On Your Honeymoon

By Rhea

9 Fashion Essentials To Take On Your Honeymoon

Getting married soon? Or planning your honeymoon? Well, congratulations dear and wish you both a splendid time and a blessed life ahead. So what all are you carrying with you to your honeymoon? I am sure you are too excited right now and might have missed on something essential. No worries! I am penning down some important things you could carry as your essential fashion items to your honeymoon and have millions of memories and pictures!

A special dress for your first night dinner date

karishma in maxi dress

Begin with a special outfit for your first day at honeymoon- your spouse must have planned everything by now and I am sure there would definitely be a special dinner date to live up to the expectation of a newlywed bride! Well, then you should also live up to his expectation of being the perfect lady for the occasion. Do carry a nice dress to impress him like you must have done on your first official date before marriage!

christiandior gown

Marriage is special and honeymoon is even more special because it is the total “us” time for the couple to form a marriage with a good base.

Special lingerie for your first night

Under-wired cups for neck crop tops

I am sure this is already done by you and you have purchased the best fashionable lingerie for the first official night of your honeymoon and your private life. Do your best girl and make it the most memorable night. Do not go for common styled nighties or night suits that all seem expected and offer no newness. It is your first night and should be special to both of you creating a life time memory.

Perfumes to mesmerize


You obviously need to be in best of your spirits so don’t forget to carry your favourite perfumes and the ones you know would appeal to him.

Scarfs and hats

They are a must if you are visiting some hill station or a cooler place. It is a sin almost, if you do not have scarfs and hats changing in your pictures. Do carry a lot of them with you.



Denims are an obvious choice for you to pick. Wear a lot of them if you are on a cooler place. Carry all forms you can afford to depending on the number of days – shorts, dungarees, skirts etc.

red bag denim+fashion blogger india


I am sure your resort or cruise or beach or wherever you would plan to go for a water sport would need you to have a good beach wear or swim wear so do not forget to carry it with you. And do obviously, buy a stylish one!



Do not forget to carry your eye shades! They are also a must amidst all fashionable things you are carrying.



Carry with you a stylish watch as an accessory to be on the side of time always! It is cool to wear a svelte watch with any attire you are putting on.

Accessories to match

I hope you have not stuffed your bag with all makeup alone! Do not forget to carry matching accessories with each of your attire so as to appear complete like a hot woman should. Do not forget to carry those bracelets you saved for the day!!

Wish you a splendid time!!

What are your must haves for an exotic Honeymoon?

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