Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 5 – Will You Say Hi ?

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 5 - Will You Say Hi? Hiya! First of all I apologize for missing my last week's post. Few of you already know the reason  as I mentioned it in my last post here  I am in Gurgaon now and so far it is good. Moving is tough but this time it was not that tough as it was last time when my girl was barely three months old and I wasn't prepared for it at all. I never knew babies poop and cry so much and on top of it God gave me a colic baby :-O Nevertheless, time passed … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 4 – I Am Moving & Sale Syndrome

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 4 - I Am Moving & Sale Syndrome Hiya Gorgeous! This is my week 4 in Mommie Thursday dressing series which means I completed whole month.Truly speaking I am just enjoying this fashion blog journey a lot.I look forward to dressing up. In fact because of these posts I actually find new ignored pieces in my wardrobe ..:P .This is the reason I decided to do this week's post as well a little in advance because I am MOVVVVVVVVIIIINNGGGGG! I am moving to Gurgaon and … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 3 – Bomb In The Park

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 3 - Bomb In The Park Hey everyone! I have to share the incident which happened yesterday in the park. So as usual this blogger-Youtuber mommie took out time, washed her hair and took out some clothes which she thought would be fall appropriate. I have a girl who works with me and clicks my pics & helps me in a lot of stuff. And you thought that I am a superwoman who manages Youtube channels, multiple blogs, home, child and myself :D ..No no! I am not that … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 2 – Being Fat

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 2 - Being Fat Hiya Gorgeous! Mommie is back on Thursday again. From today I am going to number the mommie dressing so that I feel great when it will be 10th week or 100th week and so on ! :-) Today I wanted to share something with you guys which I am dealing with ..I am a Mom of a three year old child. Giving birth is certainly not a joke! Nowadays moms are expected to look as normal as they were before which of course is not right.Our body goes through so much … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing

Mommie  Thursday Dressing Hey everyone! I am back in my little corner and it feels as if I am writing in my personal space :) For those who read my last post must be knowing I had a bad leg injury and I didn't realize it how bad it was when doctor told me to rest for a month :( Initially I was kind of happy and was planning to get on to my reading and what not, but an insane person like me just can not sit ideal :-P  Sitting whole day made me pile on few kgs which really saddened me as I was … [Read more...]

How To Style Turtle Neck Pullovers

By Stuti Khurana How To Style Turtle Neck Pullovers One of the coziest trends this winter is the turtle neck pullover. A turtleneck is versatile enough to wear throughout the chilly months and gives a stunning winter fashion look. It does not have to be boring & there are chic ways to style a turtleneck. It is perfect for layering which is a great way to modernize the look. Let us take a look at the various ways to style a turtle neck sweater. The Office Look: For a subtle formal … [Read more...]

How To Wear Thigh High Boots This Fall

How To Wear Thigh High Boots This Fall Stuti Khurana Hey there ladies! Winters are just round the corner and it’s time to start updating your wardrobes. Thigh high boots are one of the season’s hottest shoe trends & have been included in many fall collections. They look amazing and there are many wonderful combinations you can make with thigh high boots. They really look lovely with short skirt & dresses, but you can wear them with jeans and pants too. They are stylish and feminine … [Read more...]

Trending Capes & Celebrity Inspirations

By Stuti Khurana Trending Capes & Celebrity Inspirations This is essentially the outerwear season & the ever-versatile cape has taken the Indian & International runways by storm whether it is the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 or the Michael Kors AW collection at New York Fashion Week. This is the season the Cape! It is everywhere from winter jackets to Indian suits  to even gowns. Capes are the essentially the same as the ponchos except they have two extra holes for your … [Read more...]

Styling Dungarees For Fall: A Day With Friends And Window Shopping

Styling Dungarees For Fall: A Day With Friends And Window Shopping Hi Everyone! I am back with my Thyrsday post. Those of you who have been following me on facebook or instagram must have seen the glimpse of this outfit.I wore this outfit and went to DLF Promonade with a friend  for shopping and my foot got twisted.Everyone around was like I should go back home but since I have travelled one hour to DLF, I was enthusiastic enough to shop. Well I did some window shopping and got nothing .I … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For The Festivals

Getting Ready For The Festivals Hello Gorgeous! As promised in my last post I am back with my new outfit post.I don't know if its a phase or something but I am truly enjoying dressing up, going out in this light cold weather and getting clicked.I am completely a winter person I hardly feel cold. When every body in winter is piling on clothes I will roam around in the house as if there is heater inside me.:P That is the reason I am the happiest during the fall season albeit India hardly have … [Read more...]