Side Slit Styling Trend in India

By Ishleen Side Slit Styling Trend in India Hello pretty ladies, How are your days passing by this monsoon season? Everything seems so pretty and romantic! Isn’t it? So why not make our wardrobe look equally appealing, pretty and romantic; to go with the monsoon vibe? Side slit has been an ever green fashion in Hollywood and b-town alike, and it is no hidden fact that the slit trend has always looked intriguing to us Indian women! There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling and … [Read more...]

How To Wear A Crop Top On A Curvy Body

  By Ishleen How To Wear A Crop Top On A Curvy Body Hello dolls, How are your days passing by? Mine are going by pretty awesome if you do not consider the one or two shaemful comments, I, a curvy girl, has to hear due to her body. Being curvy is nothing to be ashamed of but our society has somehow made it look like the same. Crop tops, I am not even exaggerating, can get very intidimating, especially for us curvy girls! Most curvy girrls, or as the society likes to label us, … [Read more...]

10 Irresistible Arm Candies For Every Girl

  By Ishleen 10 Irresistible Arm Candies For Every Girl Hello beauties, How are you doing? Monsoons call for colors and freshness, don’t they? And what better way to introduce colors in our daily wardrobes, without going overboard that is, than to wear a bunch of aesthetically pleasing arm candies? And why shouldn’t we wear them? After all, arm candies are fun, minimalistic, cheery and not to forget—chic. There are so many variations of arm candies out there, and I have compiled … [Read more...]

10 Trendy Stocking Fashions For 2015

  By Ishleen 10 Trendy Stocking Fashions For 2015 Hello all you fashionistas! How are your days passing by? Its been quite some time I gave a thought to the current fashion trends, and being low on budget I thought, why not revamp our wardrobes with the very basics of any closet—a simple yet not-so-simple stockings. How deliciously elegant can a sophisticated pair of stockings can make your legs look? Simply stunning! Perfect for skinny legged beauties, and or even for those who … [Read more...]

10 Things To Wear On A Trip To LA

  By Ishleen 10 Things To Wear On A Trip To LA LA, or Los Angeles is aptly entitled as the city of angels and a trip to LA is one prominent thing on my bucket list. With its year round fashionably-chic layered looks, despite of the sun (which again stays all year round) is something which allures me all the more. I haven’t yet got a chance to visit this gorgeous fashion hub of a place (my bad), but if you are one of the lucky few flying to LA for work or vacation, here I have … [Read more...]

How to Style a Slit Dress

By Tasneem How to Style a Slit Dress These days the high slit dresses are really in and they look good on everybody too. Usually people team it up with a legging but there are many other ways too to style it up. It can be worn with palazzo pants. I personally love this combination of a high slit dress with palazzo pants and wear it most of the time whenever I aim for a casual look. It’s very comfortable, especially in this humid summer season. A cotton high slit kurta with palazzos and you … [Read more...]

A Reality Check on Indian Weddings by AIB + Videos

By Tasneem A Reality Check on Indian Weddings by AIB + Videos Hey what sup everybody? I really like the name Wiseshe. It kind of represents this team of wise beauties here :-) and I would really like to thank Anamika for giving me this opportunity to be a “Wiseshe”. So in the news, the AIB guys are back and how?! After their very controversial AIB Knockout video, this time they are here with a video “Honest Indian Weddings”. Now don’t we all love Indian weddings? Though AIB manages to burst … [Read more...]

The Journey of Jeans

  By Tasneem The Journey of Jeans Jeans- The most versatile form of clothing ever made by mankind. It can be worn in any form and every form. At present the costliest jeans in the world being up to $1.3 million, did anyone ever wonder where did all this began? The word ‘jeans’ came from a kind of material made in Europe. The material ‘jean’ was named after sailors from Genoa in Italy, because they wore clothes made from it. During the 18th century, the jean cloth was made from a … [Read more...]

Bollywood Divas at 68th Cannes Film Festival

  By Tasneem Bollywood Divas at 68th Cannes Film Festival Isn’t it every girl’s dream to dress up in gorgeous outfits and walk the red carpet while people look on from the sides? Now that it’s not possible for everyone to be there, we can always drool over our Bollywood beauties outfits worn at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. So now that all our Bollywood beauties have made their appearance at Cannes. Though there are few who are going to walk the Red Carpet again, let’s see what … [Read more...]

Tips on Summer Skin and Hair Care by Dr. Blossom Kochhar

Few ways for protecting your skin and hair from the brunt of the summers Taking care of your skin through each season is as important as changing your wardrobe according to the weather. With summers come the scorching days and the warm nights. After the winters and the mild spring, the dry hot winds leave your skin a combination of sweat, tan, clogged pores due to oil secretion or completely dry and chapped depending on your skin type.      Skin Care Regime for … [Read more...]