How To Style Your Pink Clothes & Accessories

  Styling Your Pink Outfits and Accessories   I know of very few girls who do not like the colour Pink. At least in some way or the other they have something pink in their wardrobe. :) Well, then you have the slightly obsessed chicks like me who cannot think beyond pink. I fell madly in love with the colour of Pink at the age of 3 and nothing has changed ever since. The Love Affair still continues and I just love exploring different shades of pink for different outfits and … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Style Your Pants

  9 Pant Styles you should own   Pants or Trousers complete the wardrobe of any girl. I am a self-proclaimed Pants Girl. I just can’t do without them. On some days they take priority over jeans too. Yeah that’s how close is my bond with them. I feel having pants, and other kinds of lowers apart from denims is extremely essential to create different looks and styles add a zing to your wardrobe.     9 Top Favourite Styles: Leggings or Jeggings – Some women … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Style Your Denim Jacket

How To Style Your Denim Jacket   Denims are classic and age old. Jeans are, have been and continue to stay on till the end of eternity. Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything. They usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit, but they can also be dressed up a little bit. They’ll keep you warm without suffocating you, and they don’t cover up the rest of your cute outfit – in fact, they can usually make an outfit even … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Style A Basic Tee

  7 Ways To Style a Basic Tee   Tees are like water. The way our body cannot survive without it, similarly our wardrobe is also incomplete without basic tee-shirts. They are easy and comfortable to wear. Available in different colours and styles they virtually pass the test of suiting any and every occasion. Dress it Up or Dress it Down, there is a tee for you. Whether you are a little girl, entering your teens or a cool mommy, you can wear a tee with equal ease and … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Style Pretty Hair Accessories

Trendy Hair Accessories   They are doing the rounds as the hottest trend and why not. They are pretty and girlie and we love all things nice and add that spice. Accessories are usually those little pearl drops that you wear after you are dressed or perhaps your favourite high end watch. However, 2014, has seen hair being fashioned by some very pretty bands, clips, ribbons or scarves and they add to a very stylish looking you. Hairstyles along with other accessories also compose a … [Read more...]

OOTD – How To Dress Up For A Movie

How To Dress for a movie   So back to the Monday Blues. Naah not really. I enjoy the first day of the week. I like my routine and if my Monday goes well then the whole week pans out great. It is a motivator to do something fun over the weekend. This weekend was particularly exciting for me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I got to watch Mardaani which by the way guys is an awesome watch. The issue of Child Trafficking and Flesh trade is handled with all sensibilities intact and no song … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Up Your Chic Quotient

How To Up Your Chic Quotient    If you are one of those people who cannot seem to put on any weight no matter how much you eat, and hate looking scrawny in whatever clothes you wear, don’t lose hope! You could also be one of the people who want to look slim and you are troubled by your heavy frame. Don’t fret, we offer you simple tips and tricks on how to dress so that you look like you have a toned body. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will actually look like a Kim Kardashian or … [Read more...]

10 Must Have Wardrobe Staples For A Girl

10 Must Haves In Your Wardrobe So we are back with what any girl loves the most. Yeah, Clothes it is.. ;-) And well add Shoes, Accessories and Bags and you win her heat. Lolllzzz. Jokes aside there are a few wardrobe staples that a girl cannot do without or rather should not do without. Even if every other girl has these yet the manner in which you style it is your uniqueness and defines your personality. These basics are easy to find and you have a lot of choice to choose and pick from A … [Read more...]

How To Choose Fabrics That Flatter Your Body

How To Choose Fabrics To Flatter Your Body   We keep discussing about what kind of clothing looks good on what body type and also suits your personality. It is important to also choose the right kind of fabric for any outfit. Looking Chic and Stylish is much more than blindly following what's in fashion - knowing how to dress your body shape and understanding the type of fabrics, cuts and designs that flatter you is the best way to show off your figure. Mostly, we all are smart enough … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Wear Leather Pants

How To Style Leather Pants Are leather jeans for you? Are they considered to be beautiful and sexy? Fashion mixes up every existing wear or clothing with different ideas that would make them look good and pretty. But it's always important that the person herself should know how to wear them or else she will look like a clown. Knowing what to wear and how to wear them is very crucial if you want to flaunt your distinct personality. Leather as a fabric has always been around in our closets. … [Read more...]