Style Lehengas The Different Way!

Style Lehengas The Different Way!   *Weddings* Did your eyes just glam up because you heard the first word as weddings and the first thought that came to your mind was "What would I wear?" and then all the preparations in the world goes on one hand and your research for perfect lehenga or saree goes on another hand. Much of a task I know! You hook up on one or the other lehenga for your D-day or even for your best friend's wedding, then confused, then determined and again confused. You … [Read more...]

FLM Street Style Day 17: Esha Gupta In Atsu Sekhose Pencil Straight Skirt

FLM Street Style Day 17: Esha Gupta in Atsu Sekhose Pencil Straight Skirt   Hie girls, How are you all? So I back with yet another post of our new style icon Esha Gupta. I've been noticing since few months all about her style. She is no less than a fashionista. Every time she comes up with something as stunning and as hot as before. There is no doubt about her evergreen beauty and stylish attires. Since past few days, she has stunned us every time with her classy appearances. She … [Read more...]

Wear Little Black Dress The Celebrity Style

How to wear Little Black Dress the celebrity style Yeyeyeye!!! Finally I got some time for myself today and I could pamper myself for three long hours at the beauty parlor. Amongst all, The most soothing thing  for the day was Hair Spa! I got it done for the very first time and I must tell you that I am now dying to get it done yet another time. WOW! I feel so good! Papaparaapara!!! That's what I've been doing the whole day for such a good good good Hair Day! We all would agree that … [Read more...]

Diya Mirza Red Carpet Looks

Diya Mirza Red Carpet Looks   Hello girls. How are you all? So let me first tell you all that past 2-3 weeks had been so hell bad for me that I am not even aware of what I eat, when I eat, what I do, when I do, why I do, my office work is nothing but still it sucks, then tutions, then home, then friends.. and sleep! Oh what's that dude? Even if time is graceful enough to provide me with some sleep then Bhagwan Ji is like, are you kidding me? Iss bachi ko sone kaise diya? I realized all … [Read more...]

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Fashion Tips for Petite Women   Allo girls! How are you all? Somebody please tell me the ways to beat this heat. I am falling sick every second day no matter how much summer drinks I drink. Duh! We have such a sic phenomenon here that when it's winters, it scares the cold out of us, we all turn blue and when it's summers, it scares the hell out of us, we tan! And the worst part is both these seasons last for 4-5 months, and the amazing seasons like spring or monsoon comes by, touches us … [Read more...]

5 Best Looks of Sonam Kapoor from Instagram

By Ayushi Jindal 5 Best Looks of Sonam Kapoor from Instagram   Hey everyone, this is my first ever fashion post on WiseShe and the credit goes to Anamika this post is solely her idea which I attempted. Girls everything is quick and fast these days and fashion isn’t behind. No-one has the time to stalk every celeb’s social networking to get inspired for their own outfit. Neither people have time to go through thousands of photos to get style ideas for a particular piece. So here’s … [Read more...]

FLM Street Style Day 16: Vanessa Hudgens in Black Singlet and Printed Skirt

Vanessa Hudgens in Black Singlet and Printed Skirt   Hie girls! How are you? Well, I must tell you today that no doubt my work is being appreciated here but I am annoying Anamika to death these days! Sometimes I am busy with my office work, sometimes my net do not work, sometimes I find problem in opening site (which is the case only with me, duhh), sometimes somebody fall ill in my family and everyday I come up with all such excuses to annoy her! But then you see she is an experience … [Read more...]

Stylish Ways To Wear White Shirt

Different Ways to wear White Shirt   White Shirts are not only chic but gives a royal look to one's look if worn in a proper manner. Earlier they were stuck wearing just to the interviews or official appointments, but as they say nothing remains forever! White shirts have been making their place in every girl's wardrobe and if you are still in doubt on how to style white shirt in a different yet stylish manner then you're at the right place.     Today I am gonna … [Read more...]

How To Style Black Palazzo Pants With Off-White Lace Top

Styling Black Palazzo Pants with Off-white Lace Top   Hie all the hotties! Well, I had to call you all hotties because I am sure none of you can keep your cool in this weather. Heat strokes are getting on to me so badly that I can not do any work. I have been showing all my laziness for writing here too. I sleep all day and do nothing except repeating over and over "Hayee! Garmiii" So, let me tell you all that when the time is not in your favor, all things go wrong at the same time. … [Read more...]

FLM Street Style Day 15: Alia Bhatt in River Island and Zara outfit

Alia Bhatt in River Island and Zara outfit   The most awaited 21st century fashionista is finally here to inspire us all with her style mantras as always. Alia Bhatt, who is never seen in oh-not-so-good outfit knows exactly how to be a centre of attraction just with the way she wears her clothes. I have been looking for quite a some time her latest outfits but couldn't find something that we have not already seen her in. Infact she was the one with whose attires I wanted to start my … [Read more...]