Best Summer Dresses To Stock In Your Wardrobe Now

By Rhea

Best Summer Dresses To Stock In Your Wardrobe Now

Summers are almost here and it is the time we should start building our wardrobe. I always have been a fan of different and unique kind of clothing and summers is the best time to experiment with clothes. It is so easy to switch according to weather in summers and you are always free to wear anything you want in summers. Whether you like skirts, or denims, or shorts, you are absolutely on your own command.

I am listing here a few dresses, (few because I know we always want more!) which you could stock for yourself and have in your trousseau this summer!



Denims are an all season outfit and look cool every time. To show off your skin, which is what you can do during summers, you can definitely go for shorts, skirts or may be dungarees. Pairing a normal denim pant with shirts and t-shirts is always in.



You could also go for knee-length or longer skirts or may be shorter ones as you may please. The skirts are the best wear for the summer heat. Specially of you belong to Delhi NCR, you would agree to this. Indian summers are best dealt in skirts. Midi skirts are also trending and are moving up the fashion ladder. It is also a must have as per me.

Pyjamas or Palazzos


Palazzos are another hit summer wear. Almost wearable with anything including t-shirts, or long kurtis, these are totally a summer wear and one could freely carry them anywhere. Even on holidays or while traveling, you are free to wear these palazzos.


Camisoles review

You are never wrong in a camisole as you look trendy, you look smart and you look in trend. Camisoles can be worn with anything and are best paired with summer shrugs.

T-shirt dress


This is a must have if you like to stay free. I had a couple of these for myself last year. These can be worn with leggings or jeggings as well while going for a jog or may be for a quick walk.

Crop Top

crop top review

A crop top is another option which you could definitely wear if you possess the right physique for it.

Comfortable Trousers


During summers the skin sticks to your clothes due to perspiration and it actually gets difficult to wear what could keep you at comfort all day. To this effect, I would suggest you to wear comfy trousers which are loose fitted and are definitely comfortable during summers.

Indian Salwar Suits

indian dress

During summers, I feel comfortable wearing salwars than churidaars as they do not stick to my skin. Also, some bit of air is definitely needed. So salwar suits are definitely an option to be kept in the closet for the traditional mood days!

I am sure you agree that our closet should have a bit of every trend as we should live our life to the fullest. Wearing what makes us happy is what we should focus on and not on what makes others happy looking at us. Conservatism is a blot on Indian minds and often takes away our freedom to dress up like we want to. We should be comfortable, our clothes should have a certain level of decency and we should not feel awkward wearing them, is all we should consider while putting on clothes. Rest all does not matter.

What are your summer essentials?

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