Trending New Ethnic Outfits For The Festive Season 2015

Trending New Ethnic Outfits For The Festive Season 2015 There are many festivals in India throughout the course of the year. And festive season in India calls for gorgeous ethnic wears. Indian ethnic wear is both timeless and elegant, and there is no better time to wear those beautiful Indian outfits than during the fun-filled Indian festivals. So today I’ll be sharing trending ethnic outfits for the coming festive season.  Let us get festive ready… Traditional sarees An Indian woman … [Read more...]

8 Festive Dresses To Opt For This Diwali

8 Festive Dresses To Opt For This Diwali Diwali is just in a week's time and everyone is as excited for this festival of lights as anything. It is one of the most favorite festivals in the whole country and is celebrated with grand style and enthusiasm. Well, with so many festivals one after the other, there is special excitement for Diwali as it marks the re-union of families and togetherness. People exchange gifts and all the members get gifts from their loved ones. New clothes, jewellery … [Read more...]

10 Ethnic Outfits For Karva Chauth Day

10 Ethnic Outfits For Karva Chauth Day Karva Chauth is believed to be one of the most auspicious occasion in the life of a married woman as she keeps a fast for the longevity of their husband and restraint from eating anything or even drinking water for the whole day until the time Moon shows up. After that they perform a puja and worship Moon to keep their husband long lived and healthy. Karva Chauth is celebrated throughout the country and is considered on e of the favorite festivals for … [Read more...]

6 Beautiful Anarkali Dresses Of Deepika Padukone

  6 Beautiful Anarkali Dresses Of Deepika Padukone   Anarkali dresses are one of those outfits that flatter every body type. All you to do is to tweak the length and you are ready to rock an Anarkali dress. Anarkali bug has bitten Deepika Padukone and she has been seen sporting these suits multiple times. Her styling is perfect in every look and gives us a lot of inspiration. Now is the time that you got inspired by Deepika's anarkali dresses- White Magic   When you … [Read more...]

7 Pakistani Fashion Style Which We Love

  By Ritika Basotia 7 Pakistani Fashion Style Which We Love Pakistan and fashion, when we think of them together I am very sure that the first few things that are going to click your minds are- beautifully kohled eyes, Bhurkhas, Shararas. But this is not it, Pakistani fashion has changed over the years, and we too love their fashion trends. The very talented Pakistani Fashion Designers have impressed the world with their beautiful creations. Designers incorporate a blend of … [Read more...]

5 Gorgeous Manish Malhotra Outfits

5 Gorgeous Manish Malhotra Outfits   No one does Bollywood better than Manish Malhotra. Some may say that his designs are too flashy. I would say that he has perfected the art of splendor. Manish was the  designer who changed Bollywood fashion forever. He is mostly known for his bridal designs but there is more to him. Take a look and get mesmerized- The Salwar Kameez   Traditional fare is Manish's forte. It comes as no wonder that this amazing Anarkali suit is his … [Read more...]

Top Ten Actresses In Anarkali Suits

  By Ritika Basotia Top Ten Actresses In Anarkali Suits Like we always say “Old Is Gold”, Anarkali suits surely go right with this saying !!! Hey ladies, we all love anarakli, don’t we ? Gone are the days when anarkali suits were considered old fashioned or simply left associated with mughal’s period. Why we call these suits “Anarkali”, I know few may think that “Mughal E Azam” movie has some relevance behind this name and consider it to be after the name of Saleem’s love interest … [Read more...]

Diya Mirza Red Carpet Looks

Diya Mirza Red Carpet Looks   Hello girls. How are you all? So let me first tell you all that past 2-3 weeks had been so hell bad for me that I am not even aware of what I eat, when I eat, what I do, when I do, why I do, my office work is nothing but still it sucks, then tutions, then home, then friends.. and sleep! Oh what's that dude? Even if time is graceful enough to provide me with some sleep then Bhagwan Ji is like, are you kidding me? Iss bachi ko sone kaise diya? I realized all … [Read more...]

How to Style Ethnic Kurti

How to Style Ethnic Kurti   "True Beauty comes from within!" -Anonymous Hello all! Today I am going to show you all the Ethnic Wear that I wore for the very first time in my life. Yess, you heard it right. I am more into casual wear than the traditional ones. I feel more confident and comfortable in one-piece, shorts, denims and tops. But that was all past. The day I wore this dress I've absolutely fallen for Ethnic wears. Dude, they are super comfortable and I found myself looking … [Read more...]

Diwali Outfit & Makeup Look

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals in India - it's almost like Christmas here but it gets really hectic. Buying gifts, clothes, cleaning and decorating every thing , sweets, dry fruits, crackers and the list is endless. As my parents and in laws live near by we visited both of them which really took a toll on me. In between the back to back travel, I managed to do some makeup and dress up a bit .Hope you like it. I am not very tall therefore I have to be careful while picking up … [Read more...]