5 Statement Sleeves In Celebrity Style

Hello, ladies! We live and die for our celebs and whatever they do, be in terms of fashion or beauty, steals our heart. We try to follow them as far as possible both in terms of beauty and fashion and this gives us a unique satisfaction that we are following the right trends. I know there are some trends which we can't follow even if we wish to but then, there are others that we can follow if we wish to. And of those 'can-follow' trends is this trend of Statement Sleeves. This fashion is … [Read more...]

How To Dress Flattering For Apple Shaped Body Women

How To Dress Flattering For Apple Shaped Body The Apple shape is a commonly found shape in most women. These women tend to have a fuller bust, broad shoulders and a not so defined waist line. Their assets are gorgeous legs and a petite hip line. The trick lies in highlighting the features in such a way that the body looks flattering in whatever you are wearing. Statistics say that 14% of women have an apple shaped body. However, it is really easy to look gorgeous with this shape and flatter a … [Read more...]