7 Pakistani Fashion Style Which We Love

  By Ritika Basotia 7 Pakistani Fashion Style Which We Love Pakistan and fashion, when we think of them together I am very sure that the first few things that are going to click your minds are- beautifully kohled eyes, Bhurkhas, Shararas. But this is not it, Pakistani fashion has changed over the years, and we too love their fashion trends. The very talented Pakistani Fashion Designers have impressed the world with their beautiful creations. Designers incorporate a blend of … [Read more...]

5 Places To Shop For Bridal Dresses In Delhi

5 Places To Shop For Bridal Dresses In Delhi Weddings are lavish and a really grand affair in the lives of both the bride & groom. There is a lot of event preparation associated with a weddings, however small or big the budget is. Everything needs to perfect for both the persons involved in the event of marriage, as this marks the most special moment of their lives together. One of the biggest concern for brides is to choose a beautiful wedding attire, so that their special day turns out … [Read more...]

5 Beautiful Chaniya Cholis For Navratri

  5 Beautiful Chaniya Cholis For Navratri   Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Navratris are coming soon and I am all set with my plans to celebrate it Bengali and Gujarati style and groove on the beats of Dhaak and Falguni Pathak’s songs :-P Hell yeah! More than the Upvaas, Navratri or Durga Pooja is meant to have fun (*atleast for me*). So if you’re going to a Daandiya Night and don’t know what to wear then here I am with some beautiful Chaniya Cholis for you :-* Navy … [Read more...]

10 Best Outfit Designs By Suneet Varma

By Ritika Basotia 10 Best Outfit Designs By Suneet Varma   Suneet Varma, an ace designer of today, was born into a family of bankers and lawyers. Suneet knew from a very young age that he wanted to pursue a career in the creative arts. He graduated from the London School of Fashion in 1986 and worked with Nicole Farhi in London and Yves Saint Laurent before launching his own label in India. Suneet Varma describes his style as elegant, glitzy, and super glamorous. His signature is … [Read more...]

5 Beautiful Kanjivaram Saris Of Aishwarya Rai

  By Ritika Basotia 5 Beautiful Kanjivarm Saris Of Aishwarya Rai   Kanjivaram Saris or Kanchipuram Saris are heirloom Saris that are woven by the weavers or artisans of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu, South India. According to the Hindu mythology, Kanchi silk weavers are direct descendants of Sage Markanda. The sage is regarded the master weaver of the gods and weaves clothes from the lotus fiber. Kanjivaram Saris are one of the finest silk Saris in India and every Sari is … [Read more...]

5 Gorgeous Manish Malhotra Outfits

5 Gorgeous Manish Malhotra Outfits   No one does Bollywood better than Manish Malhotra. Some may say that his designs are too flashy. I would say that he has perfected the art of splendor. Manish was the  designer who changed Bollywood fashion forever. He is mostly known for his bridal designs but there is more to him. Take a look and get mesmerized- The Salwar Kameez   Traditional fare is Manish's forte. It comes as no wonder that this amazing Anarkali suit is his … [Read more...]

5 Ethereal Indian Christian Bridal Outfits

  5 Ethereal Indian Christian Bridal Outfits Every girl must have dreamt of dressing up in whites, wearing a veil and holding a bouquet in their hands someday. Though I am a Hindu by religion and I can’t wear white on my wedding day but yes it is my dream. I feel like wearing white on my reception :-P. well I guess enough of my wedding dreams, they’re not gonna come true anytime soon. Let’s move on to today’s post, here’s presenting 5 ethereal White Bridal outfits specially for the Indian … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Wear Sarees

The Nine Yard Affair   A saree is the most beautiful and graceful garment that any woman can drape. Any woman wearing the nine yards exudes grace, beauty and sensuality all in one. No wonder even the west apes this style. To be able to drape a saree to perfection is no easy task; however thanks to fashion innovations, quick and easy ways to drape sarees have come up. A ready – made saree is a boon for saree lovers who don’t know how to drape it properly. Then you also have concept … [Read more...]

5 Famous Traditional Bengali Sarees

By Moupee 5 Famous Traditional Bengali Sarees   Sarees are very much a part of the Bengali culture and a Bengali woman is in fact defined by the kind of saree she wears or the style in she wears the saree. Feminine grace, beauty and the typical feminine coyness associated with a traditional Bengali belle is also somewhat deeply connected with this 9-12 yard piece of cloth that she elaborately drapes round her body. The style of wearing a saree has passed through many stages of … [Read more...]

5 Best Bridal Lehengas By Rohit Bal

  5 Droolworthy Lehengas By Rohit Bal   Hey you all Bride to be in the house, I have something for you today that you should definitely be bookmarking. Rohit Bal is famous for his amazing bridal wear be it traditional or modern, he nails every outfit he makes. So I am going to show you 5 most beautiful bridal wear, that you should consider for your wedding outfits. Let’s get on to some gorgeousness everybody! Monochrome is Fabulous     Though you can’t wear … [Read more...]