Wear Millennial Pink This Summer Like A Pro

Hello, fashionista! Do you love celebrity styling? If yes, you will love this post :) The new trend in vogue is the millennial shade of pink that we have in our strawberry milkshakes. Yummy, right? Every celebrity right from Priyanka Chopra to Alia Bhatt to Gigi Hadid is sporting this new trend and we are dying for each look. Check out <3 Alia Bhatt: Alia is rocking the traditional wear look with so much poise in this pink outfit. A perfect mix of beauty and … [Read more...]

Summer Styles By Alia Bhatt

Hello, Alia Bhatt fans! that quirky little daddy's girl has everything in her kitty - great family, some meaty roles and to-die-for fashion sense. This girl is surely one of the best heartthrobs of Bollywood and she knows how to keep her position as a fashionista safe. She tries really cool stuff which is girly as well as classy at the same time. I have seen her wearing mainly western outfits that suit her persona and style and I love her little details which she puts in. And in this post, … [Read more...]

5 Statement Sleeves In Celebrity Style

Hello, ladies! We live and die for our celebs and whatever they do, be in terms of fashion or beauty, steals our heart. We try to follow them as far as possible both in terms of beauty and fashion and this gives us a unique satisfaction that we are following the right trends. I know there are some trends which we can't follow even if we wish to but then, there are others that we can follow if we wish to. And of those 'can-follow' trends is this trend of Statement Sleeves. This fashion is … [Read more...]

Floral Fashion Trends To Try This Season

Floral Fashion Trends To Try This Season It is time again to come out of the layers of winter wear and step out in most light clothes to face the Spring season sunny days! As the season changes , new trends starts surfacing and more and more fashion enthusiasts start trying the latest things in! Floral fashion is quite in these days and not only the casual attire but the ethnic dresses too gave a beautiful fusion of floral prints. Florals are surely one of the most staples for any woman and … [Read more...]

9 Spring Dress Types To Own Now

9 Spring Dress Types To Own Now Spring has almost arrived and it gives a perfect chance to pull out the best of your summer spring dresses or also a suitable reason to burn your pockets by going on a shopping spree! Spring calls for short and flowing outfits as the sun shines bright and you cannot wear too tight outfits owing to the considerably high temperature during the days! The fabric as well needs to be decided before hand and should be suitable for your body type! A cotton dress is … [Read more...]

Best Summer Dresses To Stock In Your Wardrobe Now

By Rhea Best Summer Dresses To Stock In Your Wardrobe Now Summers are almost here and it is the time we should start building our wardrobe. I always have been a fan of different and unique kind of clothing and summers is the best time to experiment with clothes. It is so easy to switch according to weather in summers and you are always free to wear anything you want in summers. Whether you like skirts, or denims, or shorts, you are absolutely on your own command. I am listing here a few … [Read more...]

How Can You Style Old Dresses In New Ways!

By Rhea How Can You Style Old Dresses In New Ways! Women are always humored on not being able to find clothes to wear when their wardrobes are actually overfull with clothes. This, I agree is very true as I always find myself short of clothes when I have the clothes actually falling off. But this is not because we are spendthrifts or we wear one cloth only once, it is just because we possess a better sense of fashion and have options to wear compared to our male counterparts! I am sure you … [Read more...]

How To Layer Up This Fall Like Celebrities

How To Layer Up This Fall Like Celebrities Winter is here and it is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth. It is time to pile up your clothes. Winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear and layering makes you look chicer. Piling on layers of clothing will not only make you look stylish and chic, but will also make you look sleek. Celebrities are rocking the layer trend like never before. And if you want to be as haute as them, don’t be afraid to throw different layering pieces … [Read more...]

New Blouse Trends To Try This Wedding Season

By Rhea New Blouse Trends To Try This Wedding Season Sarees are an Indian essence of beauty. If you see someone wearing a saree you somehow feel so good about being a woman. It is the perfect way to show off your assets, to celebrate being a woman. I personally feel so proud of being a woman, an Indian woman, where Saree originated when I see traditional days etc. being celebrated in offices, corporates and even in foreign countries. While it’s called just a saree, the entire ensemble is … [Read more...]

How To Style Turtle Neck Pullovers

By Stuti Khurana How To Style Turtle Neck Pullovers One of the coziest trends this winter is the turtle neck pullover. A turtleneck is versatile enough to wear throughout the chilly months and gives a stunning winter fashion look. It does not have to be boring & there are chic ways to style a turtleneck. It is perfect for layering which is a great way to modernize the look. Let us take a look at the various ways to style a turtle neck sweater. The Office Look: For a subtle formal … [Read more...]