Floral Fashion Trends To Try This Season

Floral Fashion Trends To Try This Season It is time again to come out of the layers of winter wear and step out in most light clothes to face the Spring season sunny days! As the season changes , new trends starts surfacing and more and more fashion enthusiasts start trying the latest things in! Floral fashion is quite in these days and not only the casual attire but the ethnic dresses too gave a beautiful fusion of floral prints. Florals are surely one of the most staples for any woman and … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 5 – Will You Say Hi ?

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 5 - Will You Say Hi? Hiya! First of all I apologize for missing my last week's post. Few of you already know the reason  as I mentioned it in my last post here  I am in Gurgaon now and so far it is good. Moving is tough but this time it was not that tough as it was last time when my girl was barely three months old and I wasn't prepared for it at all. I never knew babies poop and cry so much and on top of it God gave me a colic baby :-O Nevertheless, time passed … [Read more...]

10 Floral Pumps You May Wish To Own

Girls love flowers in any form. We love our floral dresses as much as we love getting a bouquet of fresh flowers. The weather is lovely these days and it is a great time to go out. Now, this makes the perfect excuse for shopping. Talking of shopping, we never come back without a pair of shoes in our shopping bags. If you are looking for something new then you must consider buying floral pumps. These pumps are perfect for many occasions and literally give a 'spring' to your feet. Take your … [Read more...]

6 Must Have Shoes For Every Girl

6 Must Have Shoes For Every Girl Well, you can’t really put a number to that. I don’t want more shoes said no girl ever. :-) High Heels, Flats, Wedges, Pointy Pumps and the list goes on and on. Just like clothes there are some great options available for each season that comes by. So it’s absolutely hard to resist to not stock up in each style and colour. Lollzz. Of course, coming from a shoe addict I never end up wearing all my shoes. I just like to see them sitting pretty in my shoe … [Read more...]

4 Best Shoes For The Monsoons

4 Best Shoes For The Monsoons   Recently I wrote about trendy clothes to wear during monsoons. Well, how can we not have anything to match the trendy outfits. Hell, yeah..bring on the shoes. For a lot of women me included shoes always remain the first love. In fact I know a lot of my friends decide their foot wear first and then work their way up to the outfit, accessories, hair etc. Crazies u might call us but that’s the way it is. :-) Before I had my baby, I had another baby in shoes. … [Read more...]