Tips For Wearing Maxi Dress For Short & Petite Girls

  Tips For Wearing Maxi Dress For Short & Petite Girls I often was teased by friends whenever I wore maxi dresses. Sole reason? Being the short girl I am most of the maxi dresses pools around my feet on the floor. But maxi dresses are my favorites. They are not only one of the most comfortable, flattering cloths to wear, but they’re also wonderfully versatile. Maxi dresses are generally loose fitted and if you think it is making you look boxy, then solve the problem with a belt … [Read more...]

Tips For Wearing A Jumpsuit When You Are Petite

  Tips For Wearing A Jumpsuit When You Are Petite Hello my fasihionistas, Jumpsuits and playsuits are the hot picks this season and can make you look chic in no time. Yes this one piece garment is all you need to look totally dressed up this season and in seconds. But if you are a petite like me, you’ll often end up not buying the single piece garment because of size issues. You are always in a dilemma if the garment will suit your petite body or not. Like maxi dresses, jumpsuits … [Read more...]

10 Spring Outfits For Curvy Women

  By Madhubhani 10 Spring Outfits For Curvy Women When life gives you curves, flaunt them. This is the new mantra ruling the beauty and fashion circle. There was a time when people were crazy about being slim. Aahh..sorry..Not slim, rather the “famous” zero figure. Girls literally stopped eating to attain such a figure. Women, who were curvaceous, were criticized many times for their voluptuous figure. But thank God, now the beauty rules and ideals have changed to some extent and … [Read more...]

How To Style Curvaceous Body

How To Style Curvaceous Body Every woman lures to attain a well toned body on which they can flaunt any kind of dress and don't have to think much before buying a dress which will compliment their body shape. However, it is always advised that women should try to wear clothes according to their body shape and not because they liked it on someone else. Usually, the models are considered to have a dream figure as they can wear ethnic outfits,  revealing evening gowns as well as the classic … [Read more...]

How To Dress An Apple Shaped Figure

How To Dress An Apple Shaped Figure   Hey beautiful people, as you all know that Sonakshi has covered the Petite frame, so I bring you styling tips for another body shape today i.e. the Apple shape. Okay if you don’t know if you’re an Apple shape or not, I’ll make it easy for you. If you have an Apple Shape body then you should have A wide torso Broad shoulders An average-to-fuller bust An undefined waist Thinner arms and legs A flat bottom Hips that are narrower than … [Read more...]

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Fashion Tips for Petite Women   Allo girls! How are you all? Somebody please tell me the ways to beat this heat. I am falling sick every second day no matter how much summer drinks I drink. Duh! We have such a sic phenomenon here that when it's winters, it scares the cold out of us, we all turn blue and when it's summers, it scares the hell out of us, we tan! And the worst part is both these seasons last for 4-5 months, and the amazing seasons like spring or monsoon comes by, touches us … [Read more...]