Mommie Thursday Dressing – Hairstyle Gone Wrong Thanks To FB

Mommie Thursday Dressing - Hairstyle Gone Wrong Thanks To FB Hiyaa everyone! Why is that whatever trends we come across on Pinterest and Facebook seem so easy ? I have always felt like trying them out but never did as I used to forget about them after watching. But this one time I made sure that I try out a Facebook video hairstyle which seemed like a 5 minute thing..I tried and tried and in the end all I had was these 10-15 elastic bands which got tangled into my hair & then it took an … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing

Mommie  Thursday Dressing Hey everyone! I am back in my little corner and it feels as if I am writing in my personal space :) For those who read my last post must be knowing I had a bad leg injury and I didn't realize it how bad it was when doctor told me to rest for a month :( Initially I was kind of happy and was planning to get on to my reading and what not, but an insane person like me just can not sit ideal :-P  Sitting whole day made me pile on few kgs which really saddened me as I was … [Read more...]

5 Best Places To Buy Plus Line Clothing In India

5 Best Places To Buy Plus Line Clothing In India Fashion is all about styling yourself as per your body statistics which truly compliments your body type and is also comfortable at the same time. If you wearing the wrong size, i.e not the exact size, then you are surely creating a big fashion faux paus. Talking about the importance of wearing the right size and fabrics /clothes which flatter different body types, we have covered these topics a lot of times! Well, plus size is a relatively new … [Read more...]

Styling Red Maxi Skirt

How To Style A Red Maxi Skirt Hi Everyone ! Monsoon is here in Delhi and I am just loving the evenings.I make a big cup of coffee and enjoy sitting in my balcony watching everyone or reading and thinking about WiseShe group and planning things up. Coming to the look today .This one I wore while going for shopping and meeting my friends.Red maxi skirts are quite easy and effortless to wear.You can pair them up with white , black or grey shirt, T shirts, The sleeveless t shirt looks quite … [Read more...]

Maxidress With Cardigan

I picked up this maxi dress on my trip to Mumbai for the Bebeautiful event and I thought of wearing it to an event invite.It was a special invite because it was from my school.It was quite nostalgic meeting everyone and especially being welcomed by the Principal.I thought of wearing something simple, comfortable and I didn't want to look as if I am coming straight from the ramp.  Maxi dress are easy to wear, flowy and they are great for pregnant ladies as well. They have enough room for growing … [Read more...]