Mommie Thursday Dressing – Hairstyle Gone Wrong Thanks To FB

Mommie Thursday Dressing - Hairstyle Gone Wrong Thanks To FB Hiyaa everyone! Why is that whatever trends we come across on Pinterest and Facebook seem so easy ? I have always felt like trying them out but never did as I used to forget about them after watching. But this one time I made sure that I try out a Facebook video hairstyle which seemed like a 5 minute thing..I tried and tried and in the end all I had was these 10-15 elastic bands which got tangled into my hair & then it took an … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing

Mommie  Thursday Dressing Hey everyone! I am back in my little corner and it feels as if I am writing in my personal space :) For those who read my last post must be knowing I had a bad leg injury and I didn't realize it how bad it was when doctor told me to rest for a month :( Initially I was kind of happy and was planning to get on to my reading and what not, but an insane person like me just can not sit ideal :-P  Sitting whole day made me pile on few kgs which really saddened me as I was … [Read more...]

Styling Black Pencil Skirt

Styling Black Pencil Skirt Few weeks back I thought of wearing my pencil skirt and the moment I came back from bath, I found peanut butter all over my skirt - thanks to Anvika, my 18 months old daughter. When I questioned her why she did that she very innocently tried to clean the butter off the dress with her cute little hands. It was so cute seeing her cleaning the butter that all my anger instantly converted to love :) Finally I got my skirt dry cleaned and I again thought of wearing it … [Read more...]