Denim Dungarees: Raved Comeback

Denim Dungarees: Raved Comeback Fashion moves in circles as we know. Sometimes its 60s that come back while 70s is trendy the next season. The decade of 90s is hot on the fashion circuit right now. Obviously not all trends from the decade need to be embraced but some of them are really amazing. There might be a little twist though. Denim dungarees are back with a bang this year. Mostly they are not as baggy as they were back in the 90s but you can wear them in any style you want. The … [Read more...]

Tips For Wearing A Jumpsuit When You Are Petite

  Tips For Wearing A Jumpsuit When You Are Petite Hello my fasihionistas, Jumpsuits and playsuits are the hot picks this season and can make you look chic in no time. Yes this one piece garment is all you need to look totally dressed up this season and in seconds. But if you are a petite like me, you’ll often end up not buying the single piece garment because of size issues. You are always in a dilemma if the garment will suit your petite body or not. Like maxi dresses, jumpsuits … [Read more...]

Fashion Tips For Women With Heavy Thighs

Fashion Tips For Women With Heavy Thighs Fashion is all about being comfortable and not always following the trends. If suppose crop tops are trending these days that doesn't mean you will look great in it! It may suit your body frame or may not and depends totally on the figure you are flaunting! Women in general have heavier thighs & bottom area which makes it a little difficult for them to be able to wear all types dresses which petite frames can easily carry! Those cute & sexy hot … [Read more...]

5 Trendy Jumpsuits

Want to look chic in no time? Throw on a jumpsuit. Yes this one piece garment is all you need to look totally dressed up this season. Jumpsuits can be worn anywhere from colleges to an evening event. You just need to pick the right piece and accessorise it the right way. Jumpsuits are available in a variety of patterns and come in various fabrics. Pick a cut that suits your body and a fabric that you love. We give you five swanky ideas so that you never look less than a star. Be the Denim … [Read more...]

OOTD: How To Style A Printed Jumpsuit

By Khushi Agarwal OOTD: How To Style A Printed Jumpsuit   Hello beautiful people there. Thank you everyone for your motivation in my last outfit post. I am very thankful and here I am today presenting you another one. This one is my debut Jumpsuit day. I was super thrilled to buy one, so bought this multi colored printed one.     I chose to wear it on a beach holiday I went recently. We went to Mandarmani on a weekend trip, its 5 hours away from Kolkata and is … [Read more...]

5 Best Looks Of Sonakshi Sinha From Instagram

5 Best Looks Of Sonakshi Sinha From Instagram   Hey my beautiful Fashionistas, are you all liking this Instagram stalking? Though sometimes I feel like sharing some really cute selfies of all the celebs and then I calm myself and think in my head that it is a fashion blog and you’re meant to write Fashion :-P. But I am pretty sure that one day I’ll behave naughty and share all those shoo cute pictures with you :-D. Okay! Coming to today’s post I have Sonakshi Sinha for you :-P, I had a … [Read more...]

Wear Jumpsuits The Celebrity Style

Wear Jumpsuits The Celebrity Style   Hello girls, so the weather has finally started showing its colors. And the reasons behind why I hate summers get all the way more highlighted. I am getting tanned more than I ever did and even sunscreens prove to be of no use. The make up is never your saviour and nothing comes to your rescue except the worst look of yours. Okay, I said rescue for it, because anyway you have to show it others, right? Coming to today's post, I would like to tell … [Read more...]

Get The Look For Less: Dobrina Zhekova’s Blue Jumpsuit With White Blazer

Get the look for less: Dobrina Zhekova's Blue Jumpsuit with White Blazer   Dobrina Zhekova is a web producer of the largest fashion magazine worldwide ELLE. She has got some great fashion sense that is absolutely beyond one's imagination. She keeps it simple and chic at the same time. So today we are taking this one from of her various outfit looks which I found really classy and stylish.   Blue Jumpsuit with White Blazer Dobrina claims that "This is one of the most … [Read more...]

Bohemian Chic Looking Jumpsuit

How to style a jumpsuit  How are you girls?? I wanted to shoot today but as the little girl was sleeping I couldn't go out and take pics. Nevertheless I really wanted to show you guys my new jump suit which I got from fashionara .Please ignore the background and try to like my jumpsuit . :D They were really showcasing this one and I fell into the temptation.When it reached home K was like are you going for a beach tour or what.I told him I am going shopping and I am wearing it.I wasn't sure … [Read more...]