9 Spring Dress Types To Own Now

9 Spring Dress Types To Own Now Spring has almost arrived and it gives a perfect chance to pull out the best of your summer spring dresses or also a suitable reason to burn your pockets by going on a shopping spree! Spring calls for short and flowing outfits as the sun shines bright and you cannot wear too tight outfits owing to the considerably high temperature during the days! The fabric as well needs to be decided before hand and should be suitable for your body type! A cotton dress is … [Read more...]

How To Keep Stockings From Rolling Down

How To Keep Stockings From Rolling Down Today, we will be talking about one of the common fashion emergencies women face who are fond of wearing thigh-high stockings with different knee length dresses! As a teenager I remember we had to wear stockings in white color during the winter season and we had to manage the stockings from rolling down all through the day while managing classes, games etc. Some of us even made a quick trip to the washroom to fix this issue. Well, a pantyhose was … [Read more...]

Fashion Tips For Women With Heavy Thighs

Fashion Tips For Women With Heavy Thighs Fashion is all about being comfortable and not always following the trends. If suppose crop tops are trending these days that doesn't mean you will look great in it! It may suit your body frame or may not and depends totally on the figure you are flaunting! Women in general have heavier thighs & bottom area which makes it a little difficult for them to be able to wear all types dresses which petite frames can easily carry! Those cute & sexy hot … [Read more...]


Sheath Dresses  Hanging out with my friends is a huge chunk of my life! Nothing more relaxing than hanging out with your gaggle of friends after work for movies, brunches, shopping and coffee!!!!   But it can get so drab wearing office formals all week! Having to be prim and proper for work.....and even though I don’t have this problem being my own boss...a lot of women do. They stock up their wardrobes with boring; monotonous...what we call ‘safe’ clothes. … [Read more...]