Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 2 – Being Fat

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 2 - Being Fat Hiya Gorgeous! Mommie is back on Thursday again. From today I am going to number the mommie dressing so that I feel great when it will be 10th week or 100th week and so on ! :-) Today I wanted to share something with you guys which I am dealing with ..I am a Mom of a three year old child. Giving birth is certainly not a joke! Nowadays moms are expected to look as normal as they were before which of course is not right.Our body goes through so much … [Read more...]

FLM Street Style Day 11: Bipasha in Monochrome Outfit

Bipasha in Monochrome Outfit   Bipasha Basu is surely a stunner when it comes to rocking the casual outfits. Just observe the way she carries herself and that attitude with which she stuns her casual look. Today we are inspired by Bipasha's Monochrome look that she wore during the screening of one of her movies.   To get this look, all you have to do is get yourself a monochrome top with horizontal black and white stripes. I got myself a similar kind of blouse from … [Read more...]

How To Style Striped Maxi Skirt

Styling Striped Maxi Skirt Hi everybody, Talk about fashion trends in vogue and the first thing we utter is maxi skirts and dresses. That is what you are going to spot me in for today's outfit post. I am officially in love with maxi skirts and dresses; they look effortlessly chic and keep you cool and comfortable at the same time. Otherwise, you talk about the current weather and I am all brows and nose up in frown. Ok, so I am wearing a black and white striped maxi skirt (I just … [Read more...]

OOTD – Deal me a stripe!

OOTD - Deal me a stripe! Hellooo to all the Wiseshe-ites, First off...I'd like to Thank Anamika for giving me this wonderful opportunity, to be a part of the wise-she gang. This being a first of its sorts for me, I’m all nerves right about now. A big bundle of entangled please be nice people :-D...pweety Please steps first, yeah? For my outfit today, I’ve stuck to very basic pieces and a monochrome color scheme. Classics always … [Read more...]