How Can You Style Old Dresses In New Ways!

By Rhea

How Can You Style Old Dresses In New Ways!

Women are always humored on not being able to find clothes to wear when their wardrobes are actually overfull with clothes. This, I agree is very true as I always find myself short of clothes when I have the clothes actually falling off. But this is not because we are spendthrifts or we wear one cloth only once, it is just because we possess a better sense of fashion and have options to wear compared to our male counterparts! I am sure you would agree here! I mean this is all being a woman is all about, isn’t it?

styling Maxi dress with summer vests

Dressing up comes naturally to us. Even if we have to tuck a t-shirt in our jeans like men, we would still do it in style with options of belts and other accessories to go with! Huh, men are jealous I tell you.

Anyway, I guess it’s time , we should work towards changing this notion and have a better way to utilize the clothes we are having in our closet which often we do not even remember. I would suggest you to revamp your wardrobe by adding your unique sense of styling these old clothes to a way people would remember and consider as a fashions statement. Sharing some ideas:

Formal shirts: We have a lot of formal shirts which either does not fit the current fashion trends may be due to large sleeves, collar or color. Why not trend it again with some skirt, long or short, or may be some jeans with your sleeves all folded to let your skin bare and you can have your own style. You can also team it with scarf or a half jacket.

red shirt skirt pair

Jeans: Your old pair of jeans which is not really into fashion as it is bootlegged or may be is too loose for today’s slim fit world. You do not want to discard it as it was a treasured pair and right you are, you should not discard it. You can either, rip it across the knees to make a rugged pair ready to wear. People, won’t mind the bootlegged part, and believe me when you cut it across the knees. You can also cut it till up the knees and make shorts out of it. I would suggest you to leave room in the length to create a folded look of the shorts!

crop top for curvy girls

Old t-shirt or top: I am sure you would have plenty of such tops, which you have not worn since ages and you have been looking to make a duster out of these. Believe me you don’t need to. Just wear them all with scarfs or stoles. Specially since its winters, I am sure you can wear these clothes and have your way out with newer set of style!


Casual Shirts: if you are more into wearing those checkered shirts and buttoned tops, wear them with funky colored camisoles and have your trend! You can also

tops with shirt

Camisoles or Spaghetti Tops: Tank tops or spaghettis can be worn with bigger neck pieces to create a plain styled trend! I am sure you would love to do that and create your own sense of wearing something old with a new style!


Dresses: We often buy dresses which soon lose their style or go common. No worries, we can always wear them afresh with leggings and style them with boots.

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I hope you are getting more ideas by now, do share them!

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