Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 5 – Will You Say Hi ?

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 5 – Will You Say Hi?


First of all I apologize for missing my last week’s post. Few of you already know the reason  as I mentioned it in my last post here 

I am in Gurgaon now and so far it is good. Moving is tough but this time it was not that tough as it was last time when my girl was barely three months old and I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I never knew babies poop and cry so much and on top of it God gave me a colic baby :-O

Nevertheless, time passed and I never gave up and now imagining this world without my girl is impossible for me. 🙂  That time I used to feel trapped and now I thank God that I was not mature enough to understand all the things that would come upon me. Motherhood is bliss but I wish God would just export 2 years old babies directly rather than we having to go through the whole process 😛  😀

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I am  pretty much settled now and ya! I visit Galleria market often. By often, I mean EVERYDAY for my cup of coffee or for salad. I feel quite home there. I just sit and observe people, check out few stores and then come back home. Day before yesterday I found one of my school mates there and I remember breaking up with her in my 11th standard. It was not exactly breaking-breaking with her but it was like I won’t be close to you as our philosophy of life is different.

When I saw her I felt like saying Hi but I couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. I don’t know if she saw me or not but now I am thinking whether I should speak to her again or approach her again considering she is not on Facebook as well.

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What do you think guys? What will you do if you meet a friend who you broke up with in the past and see them again after 12 years!! Will you say Hi?

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My hair is a disaster all thanks to over use of dry shampoo. But I really didn’t want to miss my this week’s Mommie Thursday rambling because of a bad hair day! 🙂
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I will see you guys next Thursday and I hope you saw my latest video on youtube. If you didn’t then I am embedding  it below..You can subscribe to my channel here

xoxo  :-*

Outfit breakdown

Long Black Coat- Jabong

Bag- Steve madden

Earrings- Banaras street shopping

Ring- Jaipur (Did a post on it on Wiseshe here)

Stilettos- Very old..Don’t remember now 😀

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  1. I have the same trouble. I had a quite bad breakup with a very close girlfriend almost 8 years ago. I speak to her parents but I dunno what will I do if I see her

    • wow u still speak to her parents then she must be knowing about it! :-p
      I have deliberately not kept in touch with most of fellow school mates because they are just pathetic and not to be relied.. 10+2l was a hard time for me…very very bad phase of my life!

  2. You speak to her parents..Thats interesting.. 🙂 But what if you see her ..? just imagine what will you do ? Will you HI ?

  3. I had a similar experience and I am sure as hell that I won’t say Hi because it was not a nasty breakup or was when I got to know she was bitching about me and I didn’t react and let it go..she tried to reconcile in school as well but I never spoke to her more than a hi or was clear from me that I am not going to give this girl the chance to fool me its almost 10 years and I don’t have anything left to say to her even if it is a mere Hi..

    so for me a big no…I won’t say Hi! 🙂

  4. Wow! you were really hurt Ira..

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