Mommie Thursday Dressing – Hairstyle Gone Wrong Thanks To FB

Mommie Thursday Dressing – Hairstyle Gone Wrong Thanks To FB

Hiyaa everyone!

Why is that whatever trends we come across on Pinterest and Facebook seem so easy ? I have always felt like trying them out but never did as I used to forget about them after watching. But this one time I made sure that I try out a Facebook video hairstyle which seemed like a 5 minute thing..I tried and tried and in the end all I had was these 10-15 elastic bands which got tangled into my hair & then it took an insane amount of time to take these out 🙁 and the hairstyle is in front of you… By looking at the pic you cannot even imagine how irritating it was! :))

winter clothes style

Still, instead of letting my hair loose, I went ahead and posed for this Thursday post  although I was not feeling that inspired. I was speaking to Ira a few days back and I told her that I don’t really buy that many clothes 😉 I mean I feel that I don’t really purchase that many clothes or bags as I do my makeup goodies. I don’t always see moms wearing a lot of trendy clothes . I feel that I am the most dressed one and it somewhat feels like I pamper myself a lot and ignore everything else in the world!  lol lol… 😉

winter outfits India

Meanwhile you tell me how my horse like ponytail looks 😛 thanks to FB, this is a perfect example of how things appear on the Internet and what they actually are. This was the same case with Pinterest first and now FB has also followed on! P

Now its your turn to tell me if you have tried any of those tempting Pinterest and FB video DIYs and what you ended up with 😛

styling dresses for winter

styling denim jacket

styling curvy jegging

Outfit breakdown

  • Dress  – ONLY
  • Denim Jacket- Forever 21
  • Sling Bag – Elle

And now the trend of following! 😛

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So, have you tried any DIY trends lately?

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  1. You look great and the hairstyle hardly looks wrong from a distance! As if it is a messy braid kind of hairstyle!

    from where did you get these leggings?

  2. Mark and spencer 🙂 Picked up three few months back on sale 😀

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