Top Bollywood Actresses Who Nail The Classic Jeans & T-shirt

By Ira Top Bollywood Actresses Who Nail The Classic Jeans & T-shirt When it comes to style our Bollywood beauties are all up for being at their most casual still they make everything look good! The classic jeans and t-shirt look has been going on since decades and still it has not been overdone! This is one look when you put together won't fail to make you look great even if it is not in trends! Well, yes that's the beauty of it! We have seen this casual look on almost all the Bollywood … [Read more...]

5 Wardrobe Essentials This Monsoon

Hello, Fashionistas! Monsoon is here in India with a bang! Though I love the season, it is really tricky to look fab as it is muddy and wet all around. But you don't need zillion pieces to heat up the style quotient. Only a few basics and some mix and match do the trick really well. The trends this monsoon includes pencil skirts, denim, florals and camouflage jackets which you can pair as per your likings and do the trick. Here's how! 5 Wardrobe Essentials This Monsoon Florals and … [Read more...]

Wear Millennial Pink This Summer Like A Pro

Hello, fashionista! Do you love celebrity styling? If yes, you will love this post :) The new trend in vogue is the millennial shade of pink that we have in our strawberry milkshakes. Yummy, right? Every celebrity right from Priyanka Chopra to Alia Bhatt to Gigi Hadid is sporting this new trend and we are dying for each look. Check out <3 Alia Bhatt: Alia is rocking the traditional wear look with so much poise in this pink outfit. A perfect mix of beauty and … [Read more...]

Cool Girly Trends For Tomboys To Rock The Summer Heat

Hello, fashion lovers! Neither every girl is a fashionista nor every girl has a flair for floral and pink dresses. There are some who are tomboy by heart and minimalist by dressing sense. And it is a pain for those babies when the whole world is screaming girly trends at the top of their voice. From runway to Instagram posts, floral dresses and girly prints are a craze and everybody is swearing by it. But what about girls like me, who love their ripped jeans and t-shirt more than their … [Read more...]

Summer Styles By Alia Bhatt

Hello, Alia Bhatt fans! that quirky little daddy's girl has everything in her kitty - great family, some meaty roles and to-die-for fashion sense. This girl is surely one of the best heartthrobs of Bollywood and she knows how to keep her position as a fashionista safe. She tries really cool stuff which is girly as well as classy at the same time. I have seen her wearing mainly western outfits that suit her persona and style and I love her little details which she puts in. And in this post, … [Read more...]

Side Slit Styling Trend in India

By Ishleen Side Slit Styling Trend in India Hello pretty ladies, How are your days passing by this monsoon season? Everything seems so pretty and romantic! Isn’t it? So why not make our wardrobe look equally appealing, pretty and romantic; to go with the monsoon vibe? Side slit has been an ever green fashion in Hollywood and b-town alike, and it is no hidden fact that the slit trend has always looked intriguing to us Indian women! There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling and … [Read more...]

How To Wear A Crop Top On A Curvy Body

  By Ishleen How To Wear A Crop Top On A Curvy Body Hello dolls, How are your days passing by? Mine are going by pretty awesome if you do not consider the one or two shaemful comments, I, a curvy girl, has to hear due to her body. Being curvy is nothing to be ashamed of but our society has somehow made it look like the same. Crop tops, I am not even exaggerating, can get very intidimating, especially for us curvy girls! Most curvy girrls, or as the society likes to label us, … [Read more...]

10 Irresistible Arm Candies For Every Girl

  By Ishleen 10 Irresistible Arm Candies For Every Girl Hello beauties, How are you doing? Monsoons call for colors and freshness, don’t they? And what better way to introduce colors in our daily wardrobes, without going overboard that is, than to wear a bunch of aesthetically pleasing arm candies? And why shouldn’t we wear them? After all, arm candies are fun, minimalistic, cheery and not to forget—chic. There are so many variations of arm candies out there, and I have compiled … [Read more...]

10 Trendy Stocking Fashions For 2015

  By Ishleen 10 Trendy Stocking Fashions For 2015 Hello all you fashionistas! How are your days passing by? Its been quite some time I gave a thought to the current fashion trends, and being low on budget I thought, why not revamp our wardrobes with the very basics of any closet—a simple yet not-so-simple stockings. How deliciously elegant can a sophisticated pair of stockings can make your legs look? Simply stunning! Perfect for skinny legged beauties, and or even for those who … [Read more...]

10 Things To Wear On A Trip To LA

  By Ishleen 10 Things To Wear On A Trip To LA LA, or Los Angeles is aptly entitled as the city of angels and a trip to LA is one prominent thing on my bucket list. With its year round fashionably-chic layered looks, despite of the sun (which again stays all year round) is something which allures me all the more. I haven’t yet got a chance to visit this gorgeous fashion hub of a place (my bad), but if you are one of the lucky few flying to LA for work or vacation, here I have … [Read more...]