How Can You Style Old Dresses In New Ways!

By Rhea How Can You Style Old Dresses In New Ways! Women are always humored on not being able to find clothes to wear when their wardrobes are actually overfull with clothes. This, I agree is very true as I always find myself short of clothes when I have the clothes actually falling off. But this is not because we are spendthrifts or we wear one cloth only once, it is just because we possess a better sense of fashion and have options to wear compared to our male counterparts! I am sure you … [Read more...]

Sonakshi Sinha Fashion Style

Sonakshi Sinha The Latest Fashion Icon What most of us don’t know about the beautiful Sonakshi Sinha is that she began her career as an costume designer, planning the outfits for movies like Mera Dil Leke Dekho in 2005. She strolled the slope at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2008 and Lakme Fashion Week 2009. She made her acting career with the 2010 film Dabang with Salman Khan. This film turned into one of the most astounding earning Bollywood movies in that year. Sonakshi Sinha likewise highlighted … [Read more...]

How To Choose Sunglass As Per Face Shape

  By Madhubhani How To Choose Sunglass As Per Face Shape Sunglasses are widely acknowledged as essential fashion accessories. But sunglasses are more than just fashion statements. They protect our eyes for harmful sun rays, dust and pollution. Thus perfectly fitted sunglasses are very essential for our daily lives that would make us look more stylish and ultra chic as well as protect our eyes.     Your eyeglasses will look most appealing and you’ll look most stylish … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Style Basic Black Tee From Pinterest

5 Ways To Style Basic Black Tee From Pinterest   Hey my sweethearts, how are you? Well I am hating the heat and all my Pants too, it is too hot to wear them comfortably without getting some drops of sweat on your legs. Well not talking about the Pants today though. I am going to show you 5 Simply and sassy ways to jazz up your boring back tees amd make them look rocking. I believe everyone had that one plain black top that fits really well and you end up wearing it again and again. Well … [Read more...]

FLM Street Style Day 9: Vanessa Hudgens In A Loose Fitted Top and Shorts

Okay, I agree, I have a soft corner for this girl. But seriously, trust me, that's not my fault. Everybody wanders how Vanessa manages to look so hot! Dude, she is indeed hot! Every look of hers will definitely inspire you to copy her. Today her look inspire you to feel more hot, sexy and comfortable. This look of Vanessa is not only super chic but super hot too. Not everyone can carry this look, but once you carry such look, you are surely going to make heads … [Read more...]

Everyday Fashion – Slip and Fix!

Everyday fashion-slip and fix! Fashion is diverse.  And we seem to love injecting ourselves with it every day. However, a particular fashion trend gets outdated once it becomes universal. So, it is very important to be yourself in this fashion savvy age as no one can copy that eternal essence of ‘being you’! Style speaks for itself hinting who you are actually. It has a self-expression that doesn’t fake itself even if the wearer intends to *wink*! As it is said, clothes aren’t going to change … [Read more...]

Styling Trench Coat with Teal Shoes

  Hi everybody, So, the fog and the chills do not seem to end any soon han? Grab a cup of latte and sit back to see my outfit pics.   I bought these teal shoes recently; I seem to be attracted to almost any footwear in this shade actually. No, but these shoes were love at first site for their kind as well. So, I have basically styled this outfit just because I wanted to wear these shoes. … [Read more...]

What To Wear On A Jungle Expedition

What To Wear On A Jungle Expedition Hello lovelies!! It seems like ages since I wrote on WiseShe now. Donno if you guys missed me but I thoroughly miss writing for you all. The corporate slave that I am week long simple weakens my bones to get writing something atleast over the weekend. But I have my shares of let loose too. I was on a holiday last week and this time we chose a jungle expedition. I thought I would share my experience at the jungle resort and what I wore that was apt for the … [Read more...]