5 Places To Shop For Bridal Dresses In Delhi

5 Places To Shop For Bridal Dresses In Delhi Weddings are lavish and a really grand affair in the lives of both the bride & groom. There is a lot of event preparation associated with a weddings, however small or big the budget is. Everything needs to perfect for both the persons involved in the event of marriage, as this marks the most special moment of their lives together. One of the biggest concern for brides is to choose a beautiful wedding attire, so that their special day turns out … [Read more...]

Style Lehengas The Different Way!

Style Lehengas The Different Way!   *Weddings* Did your eyes just glam up because you heard the first word as weddings and the first thought that came to your mind was "What would I wear?" and then all the preparations in the world goes on one hand and your research for perfect lehenga or saree goes on another hand. Much of a task I know! You hook up on one or the other lehenga for your D-day or even for your best friend's wedding, then confused, then determined and again confused. You … [Read more...]