FLM Street Style Day 15: Alia Bhatt in River Island and Zara outfit

Alia Bhatt in River Island and Zara outfit   The most awaited 21st century fashionista is finally here to inspire us all with her style mantras as always. Alia Bhatt, who is never seen in oh-not-so-good outfit knows exactly how to be a centre of attraction just with the way she wears her clothes. I have been looking for quite a some time her latest outfits but couldn't find something that we have not already seen her in. Infact she was the one with whose attires I wanted to start my … [Read more...]

Little Denim Dress This Summer

Hello lovely fashionista! How you all are doing? I have been not that frequent here because of the constant new things taking place in my life.Main reason I was not showing you looks was my weekend photography classes which left me no time to click pictures. Now that the course is complete I am hopefully will be more active here.Keeping finger crossed :) I am sure you must be enjoying Sonaskhi fashion post.She is absolutely stunning, fashionable and a diva.I truly enjoy reading her. Coming to my … [Read more...] launches spring 2014’s Hottest Trends: Collarless Coats & Embroidered Jackets launches spring 2014’s Hottest Trends: Collarless Coats & Embroidered Jackets Gives the old Boyfriend Jacket a makeover! Mumbai, February, 2014:Always wanted to carry off a coat with elan? It’s time to get one for you that’s gonna have your friends talking for sure! Talking brings to you the magic of embroidery complemented with contemporary style.   This season the collarless coats are going to be very fashionable. Staright off from the runways across the … [Read more...]

Style check:10 Bollywood Disastrous Avatars That We Cannot Forget!

Style check: B-town disastrous avatars that we cannot forget! Our beloved tinsel town personalities have their own share of ‘nariyaal’ awards and best dressed awards.  Though they are always looked up to for their fashion instinct in setting trends, the sun is not always bright on the other side! With an attempt to look out of the world, they sometime actually look so- aliens. B-town celebrities have a handful of assistants, make-up artists, hair dressers, stylists and fashion designers with … [Read more...]

15 Fashion Mistakes You Must Avoid

Post By Nivyana First things first, fashion is an intensely personal choice. But on the other hand your clothing dictates how people may perceive you. So it is of prime importance to dress sharply and snazzily in any social or professional setting. There are some fashion blunders that can be attributed to personal style and overlooked. But there are some that just make you visibly cringe and ask The Lord, “Why???” The following are fifteen that I personally find cringe worthy: 1. Ill … [Read more...]