Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 3 – Bomb In The Park

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 3 - Bomb In The Park Hey everyone! I have to share the incident which happened yesterday in the park. So as usual this blogger-Youtuber mommie took out time, washed her hair and took out some clothes which she thought would be fall appropriate. I have a girl who works with me and clicks my pics & helps me in a lot of stuff. And you thought that I am a superwoman who manages Youtube channels, multiple blogs, home, child and myself :D ..No no! I am not that … [Read more...]

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 2 – Being Fat

Mommie Thursday Dressing Week 2 - Being Fat Hiya Gorgeous! Mommie is back on Thursday again. From today I am going to number the mommie dressing so that I feel great when it will be 10th week or 100th week and so on ! :-) Today I wanted to share something with you guys which I am dealing with ..I am a Mom of a three year old child. Giving birth is certainly not a joke! Nowadays moms are expected to look as normal as they were before which of course is not right.Our body goes through so much … [Read more...]

10 Beautiful Fall Gowns

  10 Beautiful Fall Gowns Fall is the most exciting season to experiment with fashion. This season is not all about dull, deep colours and designers world over are showing this to us through their beautiful creations. The gowns here are not all from the latest collections but are so beautiful that they transcend the time. These can be worn at balls or other high-profile events. Have a look- Giambattista Valli   This dual toned gown is something that everyone would love to … [Read more...]