Cool Girly Trends For Tomboys To Rock The Summer Heat

Hello, fashion lovers! Neither every girl is a fashionista nor every girl has a flair for floral and pink dresses. There are some who are tomboy by heart and minimalist by dressing sense. And it is a pain for those babies when the whole world is screaming girly trends at the top of their voice. From runway to Instagram posts, floral dresses and girly prints are a craze and everybody is swearing by it. But what about girls like me, who love their ripped jeans and t-shirt more than their … [Read more...]

Tips on Summer Skin and Hair Care by Dr. Blossom Kochhar

Few ways for protecting your skin and hair from the brunt of the summers Taking care of your skin through each season is as important as changing your wardrobe according to the weather. With summers come the scorching days and the warm nights. After the winters and the mild spring, the dry hot winds leave your skin a combination of sweat, tan, clogged pores due to oil secretion or completely dry and chapped depending on your skin type.      Skin Care Regime for … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Up Your Chic Quotient

How To Up Your Chic Quotient    If you are one of those people who cannot seem to put on any weight no matter how much you eat, and hate looking scrawny in whatever clothes you wear, don’t lose hope! You could also be one of the people who want to look slim and you are troubled by your heavy frame. Don’t fret, we offer you simple tips and tricks on how to dress so that you look like you have a toned body. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will actually look like a Kim Kardashian or … [Read more...]

Get The Look For Less: Vanessa Hudgens White Maxi Skirt

Get the look for less: Vanessa Hudgens White Maxi Skirt   This dusky beauty has been my favorite since the time I've watched her movie Journey-2. She looks extremely hot in that movie. And yess, we have known her since High School Musical where her sweetness caught our hearts on her.     Today I'll be doing an Outfit Breakdown of Vanessa Hudgens where she wore the Bless'ed are the Meek San Jose Maxi dress in Los Angeles last year. I love what Vanessa is wearing … [Read more...]

Engagement Outfit- Golden Chandelier Lace Evening Gown

Hi all, I recently got married, let me share with you some pictures of the occasions we had. So this particular outfit is worn on my engagement. I wore an evening gown in gold. I accessorized with diamond jewellery presented to me by my mother in law.     I got my make up done from Plum salon in Gk2 by Susan, I think she did a fabulous job. She was very co-operative and understood my needs. I did not want by make up to look very gawdy, thus I told her I want … [Read more...]