Wedding Outfit – Velvet Choli With Silk Lengha

Hi all, Let me share with you some pictures of my D-day. Every girl dreams of looking the best and glowing on their marriage day. You can achieve it my keeping calm and following a nice routine in terms of your lifestyle. Simply follow Wiseshe health blog :-) let me tell you a quick thing here, I never took any pre bridal packages :-D I only took one clean up, regular massages and waxing at the end. And yes I exercised till the last day when my functions were starting. … [Read more...]

Styling Black Pencil Skirt

Styling Black Pencil Skirt Few weeks back I thought of wearing my pencil skirt and the moment I came back from bath, I found peanut butter all over my skirt - thanks to Anvika, my 18 months old daughter. When I questioned her why she did that she very innocently tried to clean the butter off the dress with her cute little hands. It was so cute seeing her cleaning the butter that all my anger instantly converted to love :) Finally I got my skirt dry cleaned and I again thought of wearing it … [Read more...]

Engagement Outfit- Golden Chandelier Lace Evening Gown

Hi all, I recently got married, let me share with you some pictures of the occasions we had. So this particular outfit is worn on my engagement. I wore an evening gown in gold. I accessorized with diamond jewellery presented to me by my mother in law.     I got my make up done from Plum salon in Gk2 by Susan, I think she did a fabulous job. She was very co-operative and understood my needs. I did not want by make up to look very gawdy, thus I told her I want … [Read more...]

Diwali Outfit & Makeup Look

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals in India - it's almost like Christmas here but it gets really hectic. Buying gifts, clothes, cleaning and decorating every thing , sweets, dry fruits, crackers and the list is endless. As my parents and in laws live near by we visited both of them which really took a toll on me. In between the back to back travel, I managed to do some makeup and dress up a bit .Hope you like it. I am not very tall therefore I have to be careful while picking up … [Read more...]

Monotone Outfit – OOTD

Monotone Outfit Hey girls!!! I know colour blocking is really in right now....but let’s not forget the monotones!! I love monotone outfits! They make you look so chic and classy! I chose this icy blue outfit for a Sunday brunch with my friends. Perfection!! It’s casual, yet elegant.     I paired up the pencil pants with a cute crop top with an embellished collar! (Outfit designed by yours truly and available at PREVASU) I adore all the collar necklaces and … [Read more...]