10 Spring Outfits For Curvy Women

  By Madhubhani 10 Spring Outfits For Curvy Women When life gives you curves, flaunt them. This is the new mantra ruling the beauty and fashion circle. There was a time when people were crazy about being slim. Aahh..sorry..Not slim, rather the “famous” zero figure. Girls literally stopped eating to attain such a figure. Women, who were curvaceous, were criticized many times for their voluptuous figure. But thank God, now the beauty rules and ideals have changed to some extent and … [Read more...]

OOTD – Maroon Mini Skirt & Floral Print Top

  Styling Maroon Mini Skirt Hello there, ladies! All my posts on WiseShe have been about nails till now. Yes, I am extremely fond of my nail stash. You can check out my nail mani post here .But nail polishes aren’t the only thing over-flowing in my closet. My wardrobe is also stuffed with clothes. Too many clothes. But hey, it’s not a problem if I’m putting them all to good use, right?     I’ve been wearing a lot of bodycon skirts recently since we bid the … [Read more...]

Styling Navy Pencil Skirt

Styling Navy Pencil Skirt   Hola… How are you guys? Surrounded with teeth all the time I sometimes feel like breaking a few, but then teeth are my Mac and body butter. :-P Just like people call their profession- bread and butter, I call dentistry as my MAC and body butter.  Who said people with medical profession cannot live in style? We are supposed to be utterly decent and simple people dwelled in a book house probably but that is all what other people suppose. If you ask me, … [Read more...]

Wedding Outfit – Velvet Choli With Silk Lengha

Hi all, Let me share with you some pictures of my D-day. Every girl dreams of looking the best and glowing on their marriage day. You can achieve it my keeping calm and following a nice routine in terms of your lifestyle. Simply follow Wiseshe health blog :-) let me tell you a quick thing here, I never took any pre bridal packages :-D I only took one clean up, regular massages and waxing at the end. And yes I exercised till the last day when my functions were starting. … [Read more...]

Styling Black Pencil Skirt

Styling Black Pencil Skirt Few weeks back I thought of wearing my pencil skirt and the moment I came back from bath, I found peanut butter all over my skirt - thanks to Anvika, my 18 months old daughter. When I questioned her why she did that she very innocently tried to clean the butter off the dress with her cute little hands. It was so cute seeing her cleaning the butter that all my anger instantly converted to love :) Finally I got my skirt dry cleaned and I again thought of wearing it … [Read more...]

What To Wear On A Jungle Expedition

What To Wear On A Jungle Expedition Hello lovelies!! It seems like ages since I wrote on WiseShe now. Donno if you guys missed me but I thoroughly miss writing for you all. The corporate slave that I am week long simple weakens my bones to get writing something atleast over the weekend. But I have my shares of let loose too. I was on a holiday last week and this time we chose a jungle expedition. I thought I would share my experience at the jungle resort and what I wore that was apt for the … [Read more...]


Sheath Dresses  Hanging out with my friends is a huge chunk of my life! Nothing more relaxing than hanging out with your gaggle of friends after work for movies, brunches, shopping and coffee!!!!   But it can get so drab wearing office formals all week! Having to be prim and proper for work.....and even though I don’t have this problem being my own boss...a lot of women do. They stock up their wardrobes with boring; monotonous...what we call ‘safe’ clothes. … [Read more...]

Leopard Love OOTD

 Hey, Girls!  I am an avid lover of leopard print. It is a very versatile print which can be worn by skinny, chubby, tall, short or fair and dark skin people. One just has to be a lover of this print to pull it off. ;) There is no season or trend for this print either; it never goes out of fashion. But the only major concern with it is how to wear it as a little bit of mismatch can ruin the whole look.    I carry this print on many of my personal stuff like my makeup pouch, Kabuki brush … [Read more...]