Diwali Outfit & Makeup Look

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals in India - it's almost like Christmas here but it gets really hectic. Buying gifts, clothes, cleaning and decorating every thing , sweets, dry fruits, crackers and the list is endless. As my parents and in laws live near by we visited both of them which really took a toll on me. In between the back to back travel, I managed to do some makeup and dress up a bit .Hope you like it. I am not very tall therefore I have to be careful while picking up … [Read more...]

How To Wear Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue & White: Casual OOTD Hey! Girls,  It has been forever since I did an OOTD post. Sundays are not usually fun days for me, rather I like to sit back and relax at home escaping the overly crowded malls and jam packed movie halls. I go out on week days, I know most people have work but I manage. ;) I like it when I do not have to wait in queues in changing rooms or outside a restraint to dine in. But as you know we got some shower on Friday and Saturday, making it … [Read more...]