5 Fashion Disasters Of Vidya Balan

5 Fashion Disasters Of Vidya Balan   Ah Vidya I love your acting skills but you gotta learn some fashion sense babe, we’d love you even more after that. Our nation award winning actress is a queen of fashion fiascos and when you say these words – Vidya and Fashion pat comes an image in our minds of her dresses in Heyy Baby and Kismet Connection. Not just that she should now get the copyright of wearing a Banarasi Saree :-P Well let’s look at her worst fashion moments. The Synonym To … [Read more...]

8 Kajol Fashion Disasters

8 Kajol Fashion Disasters   Kajol is one of my favourite actors. She is great with hysterics but was always criticized for her fashion sense. Though lately, she has improved a lot. Now when Kajol is turning into a fashionista and is getting adulation for being experimental, not all her looks are quite right. I for one feel that she should choose her colours wisely. I picked some of her disastrous looks from around the web to share with you guys- Palazzo Punch   What was … [Read more...]