5 Ways To Look Fashionable In A Saree

5 Ways To Look Fashionable In A Saree Saree have been the evergreen fashion statement in almost all the years! It is one outfit which you simply cannot replace with any other extremely trendy outfit! In fact you may seem to notice a lot of other outfits which are inspired from the good old & classic saree! Well, there are so many types of sarees which are originated from various states of India and each of them has a unique appeal and style which gives an unmatched glam to the women … [Read more...]

Cool Girly Trends For Tomboys To Rock The Summer Heat

Hello, fashion lovers! Neither every girl is a fashionista nor every girl has a flair for floral and pink dresses. There are some who are tomboy by heart and minimalist by dressing sense. And it is a pain for those babies when the whole world is screaming girly trends at the top of their voice. From runway to Instagram posts, floral dresses and girly prints are a craze and everybody is swearing by it. But what about girls like me, who love their ripped jeans and t-shirt more than their … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Dress For Girl’s Night Out

  5 Ways To Dress For Girl’s Night Out I like to party and every girl does. So who is ready for a fun girl’s nit out? No one can make you laugh like a girl friend can. They bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in them. So take tonight to live, to laugh, and to remember all that a girlfriend means to you. We love girl night outs and we love to look good. So here are some ideas and suggestions that you can try on your next girl’s night out. So let us get the weekend … [Read more...]

How To Update Your Wardrobe For Summer 2015

  How To Update Your Wardrobe For Summer 2015 Hello ladies, So summers are already here and it is time to update your wardrobe with fun summer essentials. So today, I’ll be sharing some of the basic things which you need to upgrade your wardrobe for the summers. Maxi dresses     They are not only one of the most comfortable, flattering cloths to wear, but they’re also wonderfully versatile. Indian summers are something we all dread. So maxi dresses are … [Read more...]

How To Wear A Lehenga Sari

By Tavleen How To Wear A Lehenga Sari We all have seen how sari has modernized these days. Gone are the days when you had to go through the trouble of tying a 5 meter sari. Now comes a easier way to wear a lehnga sari, that gives a twist to the traditional look of a simple sari. In this way of draping the dupatta is around your waist making it defined and is tucked in one side of the lehnga. The dupatta wraps the waist and is pinned to your left shoulder.This method makes you look slimmer … [Read more...]

5 Stunning Skirts This Summer

  By Tavleen 5 Stunning Skirts This Summer Skirts are the best part of summer. They are flowing, look good and are available in many cuts. A skirt looks adds feminine touch and can be worn as casual or to a party as well. Below are some of the skirts that are in fashion this summer. Midi Skirt     Midi skirts are mid-calf length skirts, this summer your wardrobe should have some midi skirts in floral or pleated designs. Pair your midi's with a crop top, knotted … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Summer Pants To Check Out

  10 Amazing Summer Pants To Check Out It’s just April and the summer is already here with all its glory. Not everyone amongst us is comfortable in wearing shorts or short dresses and stick to only pants and trousers. But summer means pants in lightweight fabrics and shorter hems. So, listing today the best fashionable styles and trendsetting shapes in pants for work to weekend. The styles that will be ruling 2015 summers are:- Soft material pants     The summers … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Drape Dupatta

  5 Ways To Drape Dupatta “Odh le chunariya tere naam ki, chaahe duniya jo bhi sochay humko karna pyaar, pyaaaaaaaaaaar, kiya to darna kya , jab pyaar kiya to darna kya…!!” A beautiful girl singing a melodious track on the field, a guy listens to it and rushes towards her, love in his heart and curiosity in his mind. Wind blowing hard, dried leaves whirling around, the colourful dupatta covering the girl’s face slowly unveils as the hero gets a glimpse of the gorgeous face of her lady… … [Read more...]

5 Websites To Buy Designer Stuff At Affordable Rates

  By Madhubhani 5 Websites To Buy Designer Stuff At Affordable Rates With all the rage about fashion weeks and boutiques comes the craze about designer wears. But unfortunately their sky-rocketing prices don’t allow us to enjoy buying them, and then the “sale” and “offs” come to our rescue. So today I’ll be giving you the top 5 websites from where you can buy designer clothes and accessories at affordable rates.   Founded in 1991, by Yashodhara and Sanjay … [Read more...]

All About Crop Top Bras

  By Madhubhani All About Crop Top Bras Crop top is the summer’s hottest trend. It is the trend from the runaways to the streets, women are flaunting their love of crop tops like never before. This trend is here since decades and is not going away any soon, but becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Whatever the dress or top you are wearing, the value of a great bra is irreplaceable, no matter what the occasion is. A good bra enhances your silhouette, posture, and … [Read more...]