5 Maang Tikkas To Check Out This Wedding Season

5 Maang Tikkas To Check Out This Wedding Season Maang Tikka is an integral part of traditional Indian jewellery. There is rarely any Indian bride who doesn't wear a maang tikka on her wedding. Now the maang tikka has crossed the boundaries and is making its presence felt worldwide. There are many styles in maang tikkas and these are available in precious metals as well as in imitation jewellery. If you are looking for some style inspiration then try these maang tikkas this wedding … [Read more...]

5 Trending Maang Tikaas

  By Ritika Basotia 5 Trending Maang Tikaas Maang Tikaa, the very traditional piece of ornament worn by Indian women since ages. Maang Tikaa is a beautiful ornament that adorns the forehead and is mostly worn by women on special occasions and brides often wear a Maang tikaa on their wedding days. There are various types of maang tikaas ranging from a dainty single strand Tikaa to those multi chained bridal Tikaa, from polki Tikaa to a teardrop Tikaa, from kundan Tikaa to pearl … [Read more...]