FLM Street Style Day 15: Alia Bhatt in River Island and Zara outfit

Alia Bhatt in River Island and Zara outfit   The most awaited 21st century fashionista is finally here to inspire us all with her style mantras as always. Alia Bhatt, who is never seen in oh-not-so-good outfit knows exactly how to be a centre of attraction just with the way she wears her clothes. I have been looking for quite a some time her latest outfits but couldn't find something that we have not already seen her in. Infact she was the one with whose attires I wanted to start my … [Read more...]

Styling Navy Pencil Skirt

Styling Navy Pencil Skirt   Hola… How are you guys? Surrounded with teeth all the time I sometimes feel like breaking a few, but then teeth are my Mac and body butter. :-P Just like people call their profession- bread and butter, I call dentistry as my MAC and body butter.  Who said people with medical profession cannot live in style? We are supposed to be utterly decent and simple people dwelled in a book house probably but that is all what other people suppose. If you ask me, … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Wear Pencil Skirts

10 Ways to Wear Pencil Skirts   Pencil skirts are one of the most elegant and sophisticated wear for women. It is one classy item that is timelessly chic and smart. Pencil skirts flaunt curves like nothing else and emphasize basically on slim shapes. When it comes to dress lady-like and retro, these skirts are a sure pick! It gives you height, attitude and femininity, thus attracting admiring glances from all around. You can dress it down for a casual/formal look, or you can pep it up … [Read more...]

Style Essentials For The Fashionista In You!

Fashion fads, but style is eternal.  Globalization and urbanization has made people busier than ever. It has taken a heavy toll on everyone’s life, leaving people with very little time to ponder upon what to wear and what not to! So, now comes the time for all fashion enthusiasts to focus on basic style essentials that can take them throughout their entire day. The key is to pick clothes that are versatile and can be paired with different pieces at different occasions to carry a whole new look … [Read more...]

Peplum Top With Pencil Skirt – PREVASU

THAT CINCHES IT! (WORKING THE BELT!) Recently cleaned out my closet again! Amazing the kind of long lost treasures I discover in there! I have written an article earlier on how to wear a peplum top in different ways and I do believe the pairing up with the pencil skirt was mentioned.   But I also recall that the outfit had been dark without much colour, which is more apt for formal dinners, office parties etc. But the outfit of the day has a spot of colour and a must have … [Read more...]